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Mt. Calvary Baptist Church
 Deacon Board 

The requirements given in 1 Timothy 3:8-12 focus on the deacon’s character and family life. In Acts 6 the apostles were the teachers and the Seven (deacons) were viewed as servants who do whatever is necessary to allow the Pastor to accomplish their God-given calling of shepherding and teaching the church. Just as the apostles delegated administrative responsibilities to the Seven, so the Pastor is to delegate certain responsibilities to the deacons so that the Pastor can focus their efforts elsewhere.

The Deacon’s character is of utmost importance, which is why deacons should be examined and held to the biblical qualifications laid down in 1 Timothy 3 and  Romans 16:1.

Therefore, the work of Deacons is a ministry of sympathy, concern, and compassion.  The Deacons are the extension of the Pastor’s arms, legs, and eyes.  The duties of the Deacons include assisting the Pastor by visiting the sick members, whether at home, nursing home or hospital. They are also to do missionary work and administer communion to the home bound/sick bound, assist with communion in the church, assist in baptisms, attend meetings at the ECGA, and any other duties requested by the Pastor.   Each Deacon is assigned a portion of the church membership.  It is our duty to check on them and keep the Pastor abreast of their wellbeing.

In Mt. Calvary, to date, there have been two female deacons.  Mrs. Ruby Parker (deceased) was the first and Brenda McEachin was the second. 

Mt. Calvary Missionary Baptist Church Deacon Board

Brenda McEachin, Chair
William DeShazo, Assistant Chair
James Winstead, Secretary
Leonard Meekins

    Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist Church
    8021 Stagville Rd.
    Bahama, NC 27503

    PH: (919) 471-4034